Commerce isn't absent from modern-day Cairo. The businesses that have based their operations out of this central location tell the story better than anyone else. They've found an open landscape of opportunity for growth and their companies have expanded operations to show it. Three different leaders of local industry state why Cairo works for them:


The Bunge Corporation and Bunge North America are part of a worldwide network of agribusiness processing facilities. Thanks to Bunge, Cairo, IL is proud to be the home of one of the highest yielding soybean and seed oil processing plants in the USA. Routinely breaking records of their own production, Bunge moves staggering quantities of freight in and out of the area by barge, rail, and truck every day.

"The river plays the biggest part for us in why Cairo is a good location for Bunge. I can put my product right on the river, I can go export, or I can go domestic straight from here."

Don Dominque, Facility Manager

Bunge Oilseed Processing Division


River Bend Rice

River Bend Rice specializes in the production of highly refined rice and soybean seed.  Intensive control of seed purity, field management, and product integrity have put their product in high demand. The nutrient-rich soil of the areas surrounding Cairo have helped River Bend Rice cultivate some of the highest quality seed available in the area. In turn, their business has seen rapid growth and is continuing to expand.

"Some of the best soil in the world for growing soybeans is right here. Having rail and river both, makes it a lot more enticing, too. Logistically, [Cairo] just makes sense."

Mick Engelhardt, Facility Manager
River Bend Rice


American Commercial Lines (ACL)

Both the Mississippi and the Ohio rivers have heavy barge traffic. Maintenance of those enormous vessels is crucial and constant. The unique location of Cairo has enabled ACL to service both of these primary waterways from a single location. Their business continues to see steady growth each year.



"ACL covers all of the inland waterways and Cairo is right in the center.  We're situated right in the middle of everything."

Mark Glaab, Facility Manager
ACL (American Commercial Lines)